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Blog entry by Maxine Hayward

Drone Insurance

Drone Insurance

Drones are not cheap technology. When making use of drones in a commercial sense, without comprehensive cover, even a slight change in weather can cause insurmountable damages. Many industries are beginning to make use of drones to provide footage and data, from the mining sector, construction, film, agriculture and many more. This opens the door for many insurance opportunities that brokers can make use of.

Have you wondered about the following?

  • The need for Drone Insurance
  • Which professions can be insured?
  • Details needed to apply for Drone Insurance
  • Claim examples

The Need from Drone Insurance 

Drones can cost anything from R1 000 to more than R100 000, meaning that, should a drone go missing during a flight, the owner will suffer great financial loss. Based on the probability of potential accidents that can happen, it is often recommended to ensure drones to protect the investment and the client with liability insurance. Drone insurance insures that is a drone is damaged, lost or causes injury to other, drone insurance will cover this, depending on the policy.

Which professionals can be insured? 

The following commercial professions are often eligible for drone insurance:

  • Photography
  • Advertising
  • Surveying
  • Cartography
  • Surveillance
  • Aerial Surveillance
  • Cargo Transport
  • Conservation
  • Motion Picture filmmaking
  • Scientific Research
  • Powerline Inspection

Any other professions, with reason that does not violate privacy laws, could be eligible for Drone insurance.

Details needed when applying for Drone Insurance 

  • Hull and payload value and weight
  • Approximate expected hours to be flown
  • Compliancy with CAA rules and regulation
  • The operators’ valid RPL and ROC license
  • The operators experience with regards to flying hours in total on the drone model in question
  • Copy of the contract between Drone operator and the company employing said operator.
  • Whether the drone is operated in rural or urban areas.

Drone Insurance Examples

  • After a flight with the drone, the client packs the drone into their vehicle. On the way back to the office, the client stops at a petrol station. Upon returning to their vehicle, they notice the car is unlocked and the drone has been stolen out of the car. Drone insurance will assist with Theft cover as well as any additional payloads and spares that the drone had.
  • An inexperienced drone operator flies a drone in a street as a car drives down the road. The drone operator tries to turn the drone around but due to his inexperience, the drone crashes into the car windshield. The car driver swerves and crashes into a retaining wall. There are injuries to the passenger and there are damages to the vehicle, wall and drone.
  • Whilst flying a drone on a survey project, the operator loses control and crashes into the side of a building. Drone insurance will cover the drone and wall.
  • A drone operator has insured their drone as a commercial asset. But one evening the operator decides to fly the drone to photograph the sunset outside of business hours. Another drone flies head on into the operator’s drone. Will drone insurance cover this instance?

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